3 Queens Beauty is an Organic Skincare and Beauty Brand that believes Every woman is a QUEEN! 3 Queens was founded by Beauty Entreprenurial expert Evita, with her 2 young queens being the motivated force and drive behind the brand. Evita's passion for Beauty started many years ago being the trendsetter for her peers.

In 2010, after completing her studies at Georgia Career Institute, the Queen's passion for beauty kicked in FULL FORCE. She began making soap for family and friends and after the outstanding love and support, she knew to go harder .

Manifesting your goals and dreams while protecting your energy is everything.  In 2018, Evita manifest her goals and protected her energy by grinding HARDER to seat 3 Queens at the table with top beauty brands. She believes every woman is a QUEEN and deserves to have beautiful and healthy skin .

Each product is made with LOVE. 3 Queens is more than just a skincare and  beauty brand, it's a LIFESTYLE. We pride ourselves on including ONLY healthy and quality products. We have so much in store for our Queens and appreciate the continued love and support .    -Evita